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I'm only posting this here because I need to say something. Honestly, I'm quite upset but it's understandable.

For those of you who know me well, you will know about Sheba. For those who don't, Sheba is the family dog, living with my parents in Wollongong. She is a dark brindle Staffy with pretty horrid allergies but a heart of gold. She'd survived being hit by a car, many small children pulling her tail and her own strange eating habits. She is practically half cat,does the 'frog' thing, lazy, snuggly, sooky and constantly hungry. I did most of the raising of her from when she was a pup & miss her.

I found out today, barely 5 minutes before writing this, from my mother, that she is dying and there is nothing that can be done. We know this because some strange lumps I found on her belly a few months ago were tested very thoroughly by the vet.

Sheba has Lymphatic Cancer. Before you say 'chemo', she also has quite a low white blood cell count & the vet won't treat her with it because of that. The treatment is Steroids, the strongest ones available, stronger than the ones to reduce the allergies. I've been assured that she's hungrier than ever, resulting in my mother having to place the garbage bin on the table at night to prevent her going for scraps. I've also been assured that she won't be in pain and isn't now. It won't be untill she looses interest in her food & becomes listless that there will be any pain and that's the sign that her time is up. Unfortunately the signs are already coming. Diarrhea, intestinal tract functioning strangely and more sooky bouts. She really has turned into 'that rotten old cow' after all.

i need to decide and find time if I can/want/have time to take her to the vet, walks & be there for when she eventually needs to be put down.

I just want my Sheba healthy, here with me and not in pain. I guess 1 out of 3 isn't bad.
I'm going to make arrangements after my fathers birthday tomorrow, buy a camera & get as many photos as I can while she's still looking healthy. I'll also grab jpegs of the ones we allready have. No sketches till after, as is my tradition.

I will miss her.


Dec. 16th, 2009 12:53 pm (UTC)


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