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three guess & I'll draw you my heart

So it appears that I'm back. I can name the reason in one word.

btw, links to groups to feed my new all consuming habit would be greatly appreciated.

Revamp & new icons to follow.

Sep. 14th, 2010

So there is a new thing I'm going to try.
I'm going to try posting something at least once a week. Once a day is far to ambitious for me as things stand

Yes, thats right. I've decided to come out of my prolonged hiatus. There are reasons for both, things, etc. (blah blah blah) which wouldn't make for an interesting read. My first task: to say something interesting.


Damn you writers block!

Jun. 4th, 2010

There are days where all it ever feels that I do is whinge.

Hi, this is the fihmouse herself,  Mishka, not at her best but able to drag herself to this corner of the universe pretty much since the last time I've posted.
I should catch you guys up a bit on some of the bigger stuff I've done and try to hold onto my new found resolve to post more. If you've been visiting my bff's lj then you allready know a few things. If not then yes, I still exist. If you don't see me here, assume that I'm in a deprssive slump somewhere, hopefully being hugged till things feel better.

Times have been low but fast. Been making the hangs with SCA people & a very snuggly Kiwi by the name of Alex. Dude snuggles like crazy! It's quite a lovely thing really. I've managed to make friday night drinks with my fellow nerd-bros like a normal human, crash Sparta, sing & dance. I've baked crack & fudge brownies of sheer awesome, and one giant rice boob. Delicous.
I've also managed to be hit on by skeezy dudes but they've taken the hint & are leaving me alone. Yay!

In exciting developments, I believe that I may finally have mustered up the required courage to ask out this guy I've a bit of a crush on. Due to the fact that I'm pretty sure his housemate lurks this part of the internet I'm not using names... yet. Not untill I've had the words leave my mouth.

Seen some theater, been to some films, spent the rest of the time feeling tired & isolated. Thankyou brain chemistry. I've things planned for the weekend - a gig with Alex tomorrow, go to Rin's to play with ropes all sunday then off to Chatswood to see Prince of Perisa with some geeks & mr crush. J

Can someone remind me to keep working on my Dr Horrible coat so I can show my face at Supanova? Thanks. I plan on being awesome for it. Better buy the boots & buttons then!

Farewell for now, it's cold & I require more snuggles. Or gloves. Or yarn. Or pattern. Actually, all of the above!

~ mishka

So maybe I was a little smug...

Let me tell you about my phone. It suddenly developed a black spot, WHICH IS GROWING! Otheriwise it is the same piece of shit it's always been (cheapass motorola). This started on Saturday night, undropped and unprompted. The shitter - I have only one line of visable text left. It's getting almost impossible to call or even blind text. I CANT SEE WHO THE RECIEVER IS! GRRR. I'm starting to think that my phone is really a pirate who's been given the black mark. Otherwise WHY! KAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNN!

Not on a happier topic, I've found a depression trigger. COUNTRY MUSIC. I shit you not. Discovered when I burst into tears upon hearing Sarah Storer's voice on the weekend. I'm pretty sure I have to be fairly well into a low for this to work but I'm not going to risk it. PLEASE, do not play me country music.

Housesitting with Jess  & Jenn was good. $24 Opera at the cinema, meeting lots of lovely new people, Articulate!, bizzare discussions and not much lounging in pyjamas watching dvds. I was really looking forward to the lazy part, instead we were way too social. Ah well, at least I've now seen 'Hercules Returns'. >< Why did no one tell me how brilliant that old film is?

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then repost this [if you like] and spread the love.


Hello my love-monkeys!
No, I haven't been infected with the Spirit de Allan Moore. I made a decision recently. I want to share and I shall keep it brief.


To do this, I need to land an apprenticeship. In order to do that, I need a portfolio.
Problem: currently, I do not have a portfolio of my art. I have not serious arted for years.


I need to have something showable for the Tattoo Expo in Syndey come March so I can pimp my ass off and hopefully, in addition to feedback, land myself an apprenticeship. At worst, some direction to get it done. Henceforth, in addition to crafting for mad dollars and hunting for some actual work since my boss pulled a 'you have no more full days, oh Mishka the now-Casual' right before Christmas, *breathes in* I will be drawing like crazy. All kinds of things in as many styles as possible. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm more comfortable with and yeah, it's not like even with an apprenticeship I'll be inking any skin for at least a year, let alone custom work BUT there is nothing wrong with presenting a professional image and showing that 'Hey! I totally have some mad skills. YOU SHOULD TEACH ME.'

If you want, I can tell you the origin story for this later. For now, I have a blank page, a pen and some drawing to do before I sleep. I may even draw some of the grand vision for my own skin.

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

Questions from J.K.RockinCollapse )


christmas cards post

Right, I've been slack & have left this too late, as I do every year.

If you wish for some christmas greetings, please leave your details, namely:
name, email and a word/something you'd like me to draw.
I'll draw you something great and email it out. If you'd like real post, it'll take longer but I can do that.

If not, well, I have tattoos, fanart & schemes. You may very well get the odd sketch popping up here at some time.
I'm only posting this here because I need to say something. Honestly, I'm quite upset but it's understandable.

For those of you who know me well, you will know about Sheba. For those who don't, Sheba is the family dog, living with my parents in Wollongong. She is a dark brindle Staffy with pretty horrid allergies but a heart of gold. She'd survived being hit by a car, many small children pulling her tail and her own strange eating habits. She is practically half cat,does the 'frog' thing, lazy, snuggly, sooky and constantly hungry. I did most of the raising of her from when she was a pup & miss her.

I found out today, barely 5 minutes before writing this, from my mother, that she is dying and there is nothing that can be done. We know this because some strange lumps I found on her belly a few months ago were tested very thoroughly by the vet.

Sheba has Lymphatic Cancer. Before you say 'chemo', she also has quite a low white blood cell count & the vet won't treat her with it because of that. The treatment is Steroids, the strongest ones available, stronger than the ones to reduce the allergies. I've been assured that she's hungrier than ever, resulting in my mother having to place the garbage bin on the table at night to prevent her going for scraps. I've also been assured that she won't be in pain and isn't now. It won't be untill she looses interest in her food & becomes listless that there will be any pain and that's the sign that her time is up. Unfortunately the signs are already coming. Diarrhea, intestinal tract functioning strangely and more sooky bouts. She really has turned into 'that rotten old cow' after all.

i need to decide and find time if I can/want/have time to take her to the vet, walks & be there for when she eventually needs to be put down.

I just want my Sheba healthy, here with me and not in pain. I guess 1 out of 3 isn't bad.
I'm going to make arrangements after my fathers birthday tomorrow, buy a camera & get as many photos as I can while she's still looking healthy. I'll also grab jpegs of the ones we allready have. No sketches till after, as is my tradition.

I will miss her.

Dec. 11th, 2009

Just a quick update...

I feel so relieved that it's finished and ready to go days early! I am soo excited about this tattoo & it's not even going on my skin.
When I have the words, I'll post more about my feelings. Likely after the pictures go up.


Dec. 9th, 2009

Tonight I saw Tim Burton's 9.
OMG. Tim Burton, I want to marry your brain. Timur Bekmambetov, I'll take you brain while I'm at it. Seriously folks, I love this movie.
Equal parts touching story, amaing art, post-apocalypse, steampunk and sack-buddies but 'oh, soo good'.
I have grand costumey plans with my bff for #3 & #4. SHUTTERBUGS! They communicate by projecting images by BLINKING RAPIDLY! It is one of the cutest things I've seen on screen since Ponyo.
These guys:

Currently I'm squeeing away and plotting yet more costumes while I make the first collar, get closer to finishing the tattoo design (seriously excited and nervous), submit applications for jobs and try not to panic about impending drum-fail. We'll see how well I do later.


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